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Legal guide

(Guia legal en español...) 

Buying a new property in Spain
It is well known the booming property market along the Mediterranean coasts as well as all along the most important cities of Spain. Buying real estate involves many legal issues: payment of taxes, insurance, mortgages… the Spanish market is very different from the foreign one, these differences make it even more necessary the assistance of a Spanish Lawyer More...

Purchase of a second hand property
Selecting a second hand property can be easier than selecting a new one, since the building is already constructed, you can check it before buying. Here are general guidelines on aspects of real estate purchase which can help you to understand how it works in Spain, but it can not be substituted for proper legal advice. It is important to seek professional advice in order to avoid misunderstandings and possible frauds, at the same time, you will avoid the worry of all the procedures and paperwork More...

Getting a mortgage in Spain
How mortgage loan work? do mortgages come with compulsory insurance? how can you make the process of obtaining your home financing as efficient and simple as possible? More...

Having your house built
Which steps should I follow to have my house built in Spain? should I get permission from the Town Hall to build it? what if my land is in the deep country? More...

Selling your Spanish property
Only those persons or companies named on the property title deed have the right to sell any property in Spain, unless a notarised power of attorney has been given to a third party More...

Renting & Housing
Nowadays legal provisions on renting and letting in Spain are contained in the new Law of Urban Lettings of 1994, which applies to rental contracts dated from January 1, 1995 onwards. Contracts settled before that date are governed by several rules, which have been modified by the current law of urban lettings More...

The community of property owners
If you have bought an apartment or villa, which take part of a building complex, keep in mind that these will be subject to the Spanish Law of Horizontal Division. According to this law, every apartment or villa-owner has the co-property of the common elements of the building complex. More...

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